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We wish to express our appreciation for your cooperation in keeping individual records confidential and in working with the Board of Certification to maintain our standard of excellence.

  IMPORTANT: Program Performance Report (PPR) data is NOT to be shared with the public. The Program Performance Report is a paid subscription service meant for Program Directors and Program Administrators ONLY. The PPR (including the histograms, individual student data and subtest means) is not public information, and it is inappropriate to publicize this data in recruitment efforts. However, Program Directors can provide the scaled score comparisons for “First Time Examinees from the Total Population” (contained within the “Program and National Scaled Score Comparisons” section) as an outcomes measure for accreditation purposes.  

New Online System for Program Performance Reports Effective 1/1/2017


New Online System for Processing Applications and Exam Eligibility Verification Report (EEV) Effective 4/15/2013


To access the PPR and EEV, program directors must use their individual ASCP customer login with user ID and password, rather than the PPR/EEV school code number and password for the institution reports. Please remember to respond promptly (within the week) to email notifications regarding your students.


For PPR questions, contact Examination Activities

  For EEV questions, contact Manager, Certification Processing